Mathematics - the know-how of imagination

Mastory provides engaging storyline contexts for topics from the core curriculum that involve the students into highly dynamical hands-on participatory games. In each such context, the particular solution the students eventually arrive at bears real relevance for the story itself, i.e. the outcome of the story fully depends on their mathematical judgements, decisions and/or calculations.

Math is emotional!

The thrill of adventurous tales originates from the uncertainty of their outcome. The well designed structure of Mastory’s stories creates a complex dramaturgy that fully captures children’s attention. Here, math problems stem directly from the context of the participatory games, thus they become naturally comprehensible and important to children. All students experience that the success of the project depends on small-scale contribution - and that failed trials also help understand the problem which leads to better team performance.

Mathematics is versatile!

We assume that every child (and adult) can find their own approach to math. But people are different: One loves symmetrical patterns, the next loves counting as much as others like to play football, the third is only enthusiastic about activities in which they can move physically, a fourth prefers to talk continuously. The Mastory framework integrates as many and varied mathematical approaches as possible - so that everyone has something in it!

Mathematics does not just live in the notebook

A unique advantage of Mastory is that it helps educators holistically form the mathematical behavior of their students:
How do I approach a problem - schematically, strategically, intuitively?
What is actually important to me?
What do I do if the result of my experiment looks different from what I expected?
In a playful approach to ever new, unforeseen situations, we learn together to ask and answer such questions. This trains mathematical thinking and feeling, judging and acting - these are important preconditions of long-term success.

Mathematical understanding is based on the experience of regularity

The world shows mathematical correlations everywhere, on a large and small scale. By placing students in the fantasy world of Mastory, we create diverse opportunities for them to discover and experience elementary mathematical relationships. We leave flow control as much as possible to the story, our specially developed equipment and dedicated materials, which literally embody certain mathematical topics through their structure. Pedagogues are still indispensable to ensure all conditions are met for a fair-play and insightful experience.

The experience of regularity only leads to understanding through reflection

In order to gain mathematical understanding from experiences and actions, mathematical conversations are required. Our courses therefore create plenty of opportunities for discussion between the students and their teachers, as well as among the students themselves.