What's next?

Currently, the Mastory team is working hard on content, software and hardware development. Due to the corona crisis, we recognized how important it is to be able to respond instantly to homeschooling needs. Therefore, all Mastory devices can optionally connect to the web, enabling users to continue just where they left off at school. From spring 2021, we are going to launch our first content package, Season 1.

In Season 1, throughout a space-traveling storyline, students will have to help the main characters on their exciting journey. The children will have the opportunity to try out the simulations of the hands-on learning equipment devices and their interactions, and to use and develop their logic, mathematical skills and imagination to solve engaging problems. Because of the authentic and interactive examples and the exciting storyline, children can get genuinely involved where math becomes an irresistible new world to explore.

Since we want to contribute to the development of as many enthusiastic students as possible, we decided to make Season 1, completely free for everyone.

Mastory is planning to introduce Season 2 in the second half of 2021 that will contain a selection of essential topics from the elementary school curriculum. Furthermore, our team will continue the hard work to finalize our learning equipment devices that will be available from 2021/Q3.

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